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7. How do I collect Points with Racecourse Partners?

You will typically collect 3 Points for every €1 or £1 (net of VAT) that you spend on qualifying transactions with our Racecourse Partners within the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom. Qualifying transactions may include purchases of race-day tickets and packages, music and festival events, hospitality packages, racecourse memberships and much more. See paragraph 19 for information on how we treat spend you make in GBP with our Racecourse Partners in the UK.

You will also be able to collect Points just for being a racing fan and engaging with our Racecourse Partners. More details of engagement activities that will enable you to collect Points can be found here. These can include engaging with our Racecourse Partners social media channels, reading articles or watching videos on their websites, downloading and interacting with their apps or watching their YouTube channels.

There may be instances where transactions with our Racecourse Partners do not qualify for Points or the amount of Points that can be collected from a particular transaction may be capped.

So, for example:

  • not all products and services offered by our Racecourse Partners qualify for Points and our Racecourse Partners may change the amount of Points to be collected on different types of transactions. We work closely with our Racecourse Partners to ensure that it is clear which transactions will qualify for Points but please do take care to check with the Racecourse Partners beforehand if you are in any doubt.
  • there are caps on the number of Points you can collect - 10,000 Points on any single qualifying transaction with any of our Racecourse Partners and a further cap of 50,000 Points on qualifying transactions with any of our Racecourse Partners in any 12 month period (calculated back from your last qualifying transaction).