Member agreement

12. How does the Ireland Programme differ to the UK Programme?

As a resident of Ireland or the United Kingdom, you can become a Member of either the Ireland Programme or the UK Programme. You cannot be a Member of both programmes at the same time. See paragraph 3 for more information on eligibility.

As a Member of the Ireland Programme, you can collect Points with our Racecourse Partners, Racing Partners, Retail Partners, Programme Partners and Betting Partners as described in paragraphs 7, 8 and 9. If you are a Member of the Ireland Programme and you make a purchase in GBP and not Euros, your transaction will be treated as having been purchased in Euros and converted at the rate of £1(GBP = €1(Euro), or such other rate that may apply (see paragraph 19). However, please see paragraph 19 for information on when we may change these terms.